A Closer Look at Cimetrics’ Analytika Product Offerings

image courtesy of Cimetrics

One of the companies that impressed me at Mass Innovation Nights’ May 2017 event (MIN 98) was Cimetrics. Namely, its Analytika product for monitoring buildings.

Since its first product was released in 1991, Cimetrics has been in the business of providing distributed monitoring and control systems. It is known for its machine-to-mahcine (M2M) software and analytics for building systems. Its products and services leverage big data analytics to monitor and adjust building automation systems. To me, when I first encountered Cimetrics, the most obvious system was HVAC. The company has better explanations of its product background and systems here and here. In fact, on the second of those pages, the company explains that Analytika is Cimetrics’ family of analytical products and services, building on the company’s expansive expertise to improve the performance of industrial processes, central utility plants and building systems.

Cimetrics history
image courtesy of Cimetrics

There’s a nice graphic representation of the company’s timeline on its website’s “History” page, showing key dates in Cimetrics’ history, from the company’s founding in 1989 to the launch of its Analytika IoT platform in 2014.


Next, let’s move on from the more general Cimetrics overview and look specifically at Analytika (as promised). Analytika is broken down into three paths/product areas: Analytika for Industrial IoT for designers of smart products and engineered systems, Analytika for Buildings for building managers to assist with energy savings and sustainability at facilities, and Analytika for Process targeting the pharmaceutical and life sciences fields. Here’s the webpage to start your search for more information about Analytika.

In addition, Analytika offers Building Optimization Services, allowing it to truly be a one-stop solution for building and facility managers.

Case Studies

Analytika’s tweets frequently refer to a couple of easy-to-follow cases studies showcasing the product’s usefulness. In one example, the sample case details how a university science department achieved $1.2 million in annual energy savings using Analytika, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% while maintaining the necessary environmental safety requirements. Relying on Analytika’s algorithms, the department achieved 6 month project payback with a net present value of $4.2 million. Obviously, there’s greater detail on Analytika’s website, including a full case study PDF download.

This is just one of the many case studies you can find on the Analytika website.

image courtesy of Cimetrics

Cimetrics Ensures Analytika is the Correct Solution

“Cimetrics advises, mentors and troubleshoots.” says Albert Putnam, Cimetrics VP of Business Development. “We can help with industrial and building protocols like BACnet, and embedded IoT hardware. We have years of experience in embedded edge systems. The people we help go to Analytika.

“Analytika works best with existing, large scale, non-trivial, non-dominated, mutable ecosystems – like environmental controls for large buildings, where there are multiple vendors of non-trivially interconnected systems and where changes can make a difference. Our main vertical market is in pharmaceutical and healthcare energy systems. At its simplest, our core value offer is making sure systems are not fighting each other.”

You can see why Cimetrics/Analytika piqued my interest when I initially encountered the company and its flagship solution at MIN last May. I look forward to bringing you more news about Analytika developments as new, newsworthy deployments are revealed.

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase #85: A Review

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase #85
Boston New Technology Startup Showcase #85

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase 85

January 9, 2018


I’m planning to get out to more BNT events this year. I last wrote about BNT77 in May of last year. Look for more frequent write-ups this year.

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase 85: DS SolidWorks Corporation in Waltham, MA

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase #85
Baby Safety Snap presentation

Each BNT Startup Showcase begins with food and networking before turning to the presentations. After the sponsors are introduced and given a couple minutes each to talk about themselves, the seven startup presentations begin. Each startup’s presentation is 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Following is a brief recap of each of the seven startups’ presentations. Please follow the links to learn more about company/product.

First up was Baby Safety Snap, a product from Loon Ventures LLC that consists of a key (attached to a bright yellow lanyard) snaps into a baby’s car seat buckle and is designed to help prevent parents from leaving babies inside hot cars. The product looked like an inexpensive, effective, efficient way to achieve its goal and may have a bright future. It was one of my favorite presentations of the evening.

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase #85
Zealery Researcher presentation

The StandingSteps Trainer is a physical platform on which the user exercises to lose weight and improve health. Impressively, to show how easy the product is to use, the presentation was given while using the product.

Zealery Researcher offers companies an easily-affordable opportunity to do automated permutation tests for market research. Zealery allows its clients to test variants of its product and test different price points. It then measures engagement rates across hundreds of thousands of placements. At the moment, Zealery tests reactions to ads on Facebook and Instagram; compatibility with other social media networks is in development.

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase #85
ITiculate presentation

ITculate allows real-time testing and management of cloud networks. The product allows users to proactively fix and optimize their cloud applications. The BNT presentation included a live demonstration, too.

Meenta allows researchers to book spare capacity on scientific equipment. In areas like Cambridge, Mass., with its many research labs, for example, there is a great deal of unused or underused scientific equipment capacity. Meenta makes it easier to find that available capacity, easing the requirement for researchers to buy expensive equipment.

UOut is an app whose goal is to help friends plan gatherings out. The app allows bars, restaurants, and venues to create dynamic, user-created content and offers real-time promotional opportunities. The app is launching in Boston with plans to expand nationwide.

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase #85
UOut presentation

Paper Airplane is an app that allows people to network and connect with other people within the room and meet in real life. It sure feels like a dating app, though the presentation included some other potential uses. The team plans to roll it out first in South Boston, rightfully noting that its usefulness will be tied to its ubiquity, supporting a geo-by-geo rollout. Though it wasn’t mentioned in the presentation, I’d think this might find a likely audience on and around college campuses, where the app’s whimsical name might help differentiate it, though that’s true everywhere.

I really like the BNT format, with each company getting time for a short presentation. I look forward to the next event. The BNT Meetup group contains a calendar of upcoming recommended events. The next BNT Startup Showcase is scheduled for February 12th, with its Boston location currently listed as TBD.