InvisaWear: Enhanced Safety via Jewelry and Technology

photo by @MoorePhoto (; photo courtesy of invisaWear

I’m back again with a little more detail about another of the cool tech startups I discovered at the area’s startup events. I met the team from invisaWear at Mass Innovation Nights’ February 2018 event (MIN107) in Lowell. They weren’t presenting that night; rather, they were MIN alumni – they were featured at MIN95 in Lowell a year earlier – at the event as attendees. I had missed their MIN showcase a year earlier, but I spent a while chatting with them about their product after MIN107.

The Concept

invisaWear is a device that allows you to contact others with a simple squeeze (technically, a double-squeeze) when you’re in trouble. But it’s probably not fair to compare invisaWear to other “call for help” safety products, since invisaWear’s predecessors typically sacrificed appearance for function. Because, while the products I’m thinking of are geared primarily toward the elderly with health concerns, invisaWear is geared toward a much broader age range, typically much younger, and definitely more fashion-conscious. And invisaWear’s appeal goes well beyond the difference in appearance vs. other call-for-help products; it’s much more versatile and well-suited to anyone in need of an extra level of protection for any of a number of reasons.

photo by @MoorePhoto (; photo courtesy of invisaWear

Connected to an app on the wearer’s phone, the sensor is designed to require a firm effort to send out an alert, minimizing false alerts, and utilizes battery power, its low power requirement allowing it a one-year battery lifespan.

Activated by firmly double-pressing the alarm, an alert will send location to loved ones, provide an alert to 911, and send profile picture and information to emergency responders, as programmed by the wearer.

The company’s target market – those it suggests might benefit from invisaWear – include high school and college students, medical personnel, real estate agents, anyone working alone or late at night, travelers, senior citizens, and “anyone who wants to protect themselves or a loved one.”

photo by @MoorePhoto (; photo courtesy of invisaWear

In the end, as I learned a bit more about invisaWear, this struck me as a cool product worth sharing, an interesting and ingenious use of technology for the purpose of personal safety. So, of course, it’s the latest in my occasional series of Boston-area technology company profiles.

Where to Find invisaWear

If you click through the “Pre-Order” button on the invisaWear home page, you’ll be prompted to choose from bracelets, necklaces, and keychains featuring invisaWear’s sharp design. The company’s Indiegogo page is still active, too, where a quick scroll shows that invisaWear has garnered a lot of local media attention. And, of course, on the main website, there’s an overflowing “press” page. No surprise – they intrigued me, as well. As for the product itself, the company’s website estimates delivery in July 2018.

photo by @MoorePhoto (; photo courtesy of invisaWear

Looking Ahead

I asked invisaWear’s cofounders, Ray Hamilton and Rajia Abdelaziz, for a few thoughts about their products what they see in the company’s future, beyond the July 2018 initial product delivery. Ray noted, “Our mission from the very beginning has been that if we can help save even one person’s life, than all of our hard work will have been worth it!” Rajia added, “In terms of upcoming goals, I’m excited to raise awareness about the product, and get it in the hands of more people!”

More Information

As I mentioned, there have been numerous articles already written, many detailing the company’s backstory. For example, this piece on the BostInno site includes a nice discussion with Rajia Abdelaziz about her inspiration for invisaWear.

And if you’d like to get an invisaWear product for yourself or as a gift, you can place your order on the company’s website.

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