About the Publisher/Contact

I started my career in the telecom industry, working for telephone companies in a variety of number-crunching roles. At other times, I also worked as an industry analyst covering sectors of the industry, often emerging sectors at the time, including the fiber-to-the-home industry, competitive local exchange carriers, cable companies as they were expanding their service offerings, and the microwave and millimeter-wave wireless industry. More recently, I research and analyze a broad range of industries, heavily-based in IT and emerging technology, though not exclusively. (Using the same approach, outside telecom and tech, I’ve also performed in-depth market analysis to provide insights into the air conditioning, e-payments, and population migration & remittances markets.)

I have a super-low-tech web page that details my career in greater detail here. Feel free to look around a bit. And, hopefully, enjoy this blog.

If you’d like to reach me for any reason, whether to discuss things I’ve written or could write about, to point out a broken link on the website somewhere so I can fix it, and anything in between, please use this contact form.