Personal Update: My Current Work at IDC

For those who aren’t aware of why I haven’t posted an article in a while, I joined IDC in October 2019, and all of my tech industry writing is now being done for IDC.

I am IDC’s Research Manger, Print Industry Forecasts at IDC. Here’s my profile on the corporate website, listing some of the reports I’ve written or contributed to in my six-plus months there. As part of the Imaging, Printing & Document Solutions team, I write about single-function and multi-function printers, print consumables, and related topics.

It has been a great learning experience for me. Beyond the usual learning curve, I have been creating and revising forecasts regularly during the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic and slowly getting to know contacts and key players in my industry. It’s fun to be in a position where I can focus more intently on one market segment over months and years after mostly making a career of being able to get up to speed quickly across loosely related market segments. Admittedly, even something as focused as my research area has enough sub-segments to keep things interesting, so there’s a lifetime of opportunity to build expertise in related areas, but it’s still much more focused than any of my previous industry analyst work.

I am, of course, tweeting regularly. Those who follow my Twitter account know it now has deep coverage of print news, some tweets about interesting tech and telecom articles in areas I’ve covered in “past lives,” and, of course, a bit of music. And when I attend events, I’ll still be live-tweeting from them.

Indeed, I’ll continue to be present in the Boston-area tech and startup communities, attending events once it’s safe to do so again. And getting to as many online events as possible, in the meantime.

Thanks for reading. I’m sure, at some point, I’ll begin publishing more here at the blog about events I attend in my spare time in areas not covered by IDC. Until then, please do check out old articles here. Especially from some of the startup events I have attending, where I write about (and link to) many of the cool tech (and other) startups in the Boston area.

And stay safe and healthy, if at all possible.

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