Introduction to My Telecom (and Technology) Industry Blog

Hello, telecom and technology industry friends, colleagues, and contacts.  (And hello to readers I’ve never met, as well.)

As many of you know, my telecom and technology career has spanned more than 20 years, as an internal cost/economic/financial analyst and manager, external industry expert consultant, report-writing, trend-seeing industry analyst, and other related analytical guru-esque capacities .  I’ve spent 15-plus of those years working in telecom and several years primarily following the IT industry, with some global finance thrown in for good measure.  I have written reports outlining the fiber-to-the-home industry when it was still very young, detailing developing competitive local exchange carrier and fixed wireless (microwave and millimeter wave) markets, covered the cable triple-play industry at a key phase in its development, written about utility-based telecom technologies, to name a few industries.  I spent more than eight years working within the independent, mostly rural telco industry, where I was involved in the early stages of competitive tariff-writing and, later, metro Ethernet network deployments (among many, many products).

The purpose of this blog is to offer my thoughts about the telecom industry segments I’ve followed through the years and to ask my many great industry friends and contacts (and new contacts) for their thoughts.  Please keep discussions constructive; this blog isn’t the place for arguments, but an exchange of insights and ideas is encouraged.

I do still subscribe to and follow industry developments, so I hope you will find the items I share valuable.  I expect to mostly share links with short notes; I don’t expect to write volumes.  But we’ll see how this develops.

I’m glad to finally get this started.  Occasionally, in the industries I’ve followed through the years, I’ve read articles I’ve wanted to share and comment on and/or ask about; it will be nice to have this forum.

For old friends and contacts and new readers who want to see more about my telecom career, you can read more here:

So, let’s get started…

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